Episode 1112
Production code P694/112
ITV transmission date 13th September 1971 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
John Temple
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Eugene Ferguson
Director Tim Jones
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Previous episode 8th September 1971
Next episode 15th September 1971


Elsie gossips with an uncomfortable Alan about Janet’s men friends. Len warns Janet off Alan saying he’ll always choose Elsie over her. Janet thinks he’s after her again and accuses him of being jealous of Alan. Betty has asked Elsie for a dress from the Mark Brittain catalogue for an evening out with Cyril. Lucille goes for a job at the warehouse and gives Emily as a referee. Emily worries that she will let her down if she does give her a reference. Elsie wonders why Len looks so glum. Elsie promises to drop Betty’s dress in for her later on. Len has a go at Stan for taking an extended lunch. Betty tells Bet about Janet and Alan and Maggie also tells Alf. Emily tells Dave off for treating Lucille badly. Dave upsets Alf when he passes on the rumours he’s heard about him and Maggie. Emily tells Lucille she can't recommend her for a job because she shouldn't have taken the betting shop money on her own to the bank. Janet delivers the shop order to No. 11. Alan asks her to leave. Elsie forgets the dress for Betty again and in an argument Betty tells her Alan and Janet were together in Leeds. Elsie runs home and confronts Alan. He tells her Janet followed him to Leeds but nothing happened. Elsie is livid with Janet and storms into the Corner Shop. She demands Maggie produce her…


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