Jack tells the operator he got no answer at No.11. Ena admires Elsie's stand. Dennis buys his mother cigarettes as a thank-you for standing by him. Len thinks his change is short at the Rovers but a count shows it's the correct amount. Annie caustically assures him that they're honest on her side of the bar. Len kicks off at her insinuation that he's dishonest and accuses her of thinking he's the thief. When Jack defends his wife, Len tells him to pour his pint back in the barrel and walks out of the Rovers. Harry does the same and takes Concepta with him. Florrie lends Frank money and reveals a wad of notes in her pocket. Minnie entertains Albert with cards and gossip. Harry is also bed-ridden with flu and is nursed by Concepta. Jack tries to set Annie's mind at ease over Concepta but Annie feels betrayed by her walking out. Florrie takes a delivery which includes Annie's special wares. Annie refuses to accept them. Dennis looks forward to receiving his commission from Lenny Phillips. Elsie makes him walk to a phone box in the pouring rain to call Lenny rather than use the Rovers. Concepta feels torn between the Walkers and Harry. Dennis rings Lenny and finds out he can't pay him yet. Len tells the Hewitts to forget going back to the Rovers after the way Annie treated Florrie. Ena, Minnie and Martha are the only customers in the Rovers at closing time as the regulars boycott the establishment. Annie inspects the till and is horrified to find the £20 stuck at the back of the drawer.


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  • TV Times synopsis: The call from Linda in Canada is still coming through at the Rover's Return. Back at the Vestry, Albert Tatlock recovers from 'flu but gets gossip from his visitors about the missing fivers. Annie has dark doubts, and suspicion starts travelling to other parts of the Street. Then the mystery is solved just after closing time
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,625,000 homes (1st place).
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