Ken asks Yvonne to take the afternoon off from the hotel but she can't. Len agrees to sack Stan on Friday, giving Jerry time to make up his mind on the job offer. Stan annoys Len and Ray with his uselessness. Hilda is annoyed when Jerry fits a new barflap in the Rovers, thinking it's taking work off Stan. Annie returns from Derby. It's Emily's birthday but she gets no card from Ernie. Stan skives off a job from the yard. Ken mans the reception desk at the hotel to allow Yvonne to carry out a chore. Annie is upset over Lucille's laziness. To force her back into work, Annie demands she pay the normal rate for rent. Alf invites Emily out for an Italian meal for her birthday. Hilda overhears Jerry asking Len about the job and is furious. Ena passes around a birthday card for Emily. Jerry says he can't take Stan's job. Hilda tells Stan what she overheard. Stan decides to resign before he's sacked. Hilda threatens to make his life unbearable if he does. Ray catches Stan skiving again. Emily is drunk after her meal. Emily is overcome with joy when a package arrives from Ernie and she gets a card signed by all the residents. Lucille's dole is stopped as she keeps refusing jobs. Stan and Hilda tackle Jerry but he avoids them. Yvonne feels alone and shut in and turns to Ken for comfort.


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  • Arthur, a barman at the Baytree Hotel, is uncredited although he has lines of dialogue.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ken eats out - and Stan's bread and butter is threatened.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,650,000 homes (3rd place).

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Irma Barlow: "Oh, my dad's very strong-willed, aren't you, dad? I mean, he's fought against hard work all his life. A lesser man...he'd 'ave give up the struggle long ago. In't that right, dad?"
Stan Ogden: "Oh, shurrup!"


Hilda Ogden: "'E's run away!"
Stan Ogden: "Only one thing to do, in't there?"
Hilda Ogden: "What?"
Stan Ogden: "'Ave a pint!"
Bet Lynch: "Sorry, 'towel's are just going on."

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