Jerry continues to refuse to take over Stan’s job. Emily is hungover after drinking too much wine during her meal with Alf. Yvonne asks Ena if she’s found a bracelet she lost at the Community Centre. Ena tells her she’s found it but makes it clear she doesn’t like her. Yvonne asks Irma if she thinks she’s like Val and wonders if that’s how Ken sees her. Hilda demands to know if Stan still has his job and won’t move from the yard until she gets an answer. Stan threatens her and throws her out himself. Ray and Len make it clear that Stan’s days are numbered unless he pulls his finger out. Jerry asks Alf if there are any jobs going at the GPO. Alf says there's only Christmas temp jobs but he offers to find out which contractors have work going with the council. Stan and his mate Jim Stoker try to get a rise out of Jerry by calling him a layabout and mocking him for doing "woman's work" for Len. Yvonne is annoyed when she and Ken bicker and he says she’s just like Val. She tells him she’s not stepping into her shoes if that what he wants. Lucille summons Ray and Len as backup in case trouble starts in the Rovers. Ken can’t decide if the twins are better off in Glasgow or with him. He decides to go up there and see Edith. When Jim tells Jerry he's only good for skivvying, Jerry goes for him and knocks him unconscious. He is taken to the Infirmary. Jerry is arrested for assault.


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