Bet and Len wait for their turn to be called. Yvonne refuses to give Ken an answer. Mr Sanderson finishes the prosecution evidence and Mr Cotsen asks for a witness to be called who will present evidence of provocation. Bet is called. A nervous Stan and Hilda ask after Jerry and get the sharp end of Ray's tongue. Annie threatens to bar all of them. Bet gives evidence of what happened in the Rovers. Sanderson gets Bet to admit that the punch was a hard one. Len is called by Cotsen as a character witness. Annie says that although she hopes Jerry gets off she condemns him for violence. Len speaks of Jerry’s honesty. Cotsen and Sanderson sum up and the magistrates retire to consider their verdict. Len isn’t sure what the verdict will be. The Chairman states that for a man like Jerry who wants to work to be unemployed is immoral but they condemn him for losing his temper. They conditionally discharge him for twelve months. Jerry is relieved as he goes for a drink with Len and Bet. Stan feels bad about events. Yvonne would have liked to have married Ken but doesn't feel she can be a replacement for Val. They part. Jerry agrees to let bygones be bygones with Stan, though Ray and Len thinks he’s let them off lightly. Radio Manchester want Albert on their programme and not Ena. A report in the paper says Ernie has been arrested in Spain after an “orgy on a Spanish beach”.


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