Albert asks Jerry to return his radio to get Radio Manchester but it’s too old to pick up VHF. Jerry suggests he tries a radio shop. The battery’s gone in Minnie’s radio and Albert tells her to meet him later for a trip out. Ken gets the phone number of the police station in Spain for Emily frets about Ernie and books a call. Elsie makes fun of the Ogdens not getting their television. Albert refuses to listen to the programme in the Rovers with the others listening to him. Stan goes back to the television shop and finds out he’s on a credit blacklist. Albert goes to the same shop and finds out they have VHF radios. Emily struggles on the phone with her Spanish and gets cut off. She tears a strip off Barney Shelton and he tells her that Willie Piggott is willing to pay for the flight to Spain, provided she returns with the photographs that Ernie took. Albert and Minnie go to the shop and listen to the “character of the week” slot. The other residents miss it as Betty has the Rovers radio tuned to the wrong station. Albert and Minnie leave the shop without buying anything once the show is over. Emily leaves for Spain. Jerry is annoyed when Ray overrules his views on which suppliers to use for a job for Willie Piggott. Alf and Lucille kid on to Albert that they heard his show before Ken gives the game away. Albert sulks. Betty says that Maggies received a call from Gordon's girlfriend to say that she’s coming up from London to see her.


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Elsie Howard: "Stan, how can you go on living when your feet let water in?"

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