Annie is frightened to tell Jack about the money. She feels guilty for driving the customers away. Frank encourages the Walkers to see the positive side - they have their evenings free. Ena, Minnie and Martha continue to drink at the Rovers as they get served right away with no one else in the pub. Martha is afraid of being called a blackleg. The regulars gather at The Flying Horse in protest at Annie's actions. Len and Harry, who has recovered from flu, are unimpressed by the quiet boozer. Albert goes along rather than drink at the Rovers by himself. Concepta makes amends with the Walkers. Elsie cooks Dennis mixed grill and promises to be a better mother from now on. Dennis thinks she's going funny. Jack plants £20 in the till and pretends he found it stuck down the side. Annie feels worse than before. Dennis goes to Victoria Street to use the phone box to call Lenny Phillips and finds Minnie struggling to operate the machine. With great difficulty, he helps Minnie dial Beattie Pearson's number only to be kicked out of the booth into the pouring rain when she gets through. He reluctantly uses the phone at the Rovers. The Walkers use the opportunity to tell him that the money was never stolen but Dennis can't let tell Elsie as she'd know he'd been in the Rovers. Florrie takes to dressing up and going out. Elsie waits outside the Rovers to ask a punter for cigarettes only for Dennis to bump into her as he's exiting the establishment. She rows with him on the doorstep. Annie plucks up the courage to show Jack the real missing £20.


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