Irma won’t say anything about her new boyfriend. Maggie admits that she’s not keen on Jennifer and is worried that she’ll push Gordon into the rat race. Elsie slowly wins Alan round to the idea of moving. He agrees to look into garage work in Solihull. Annie is worried when she doesn't hear from Emily and determines to go to the local Spanish consul. Maggie is upset when Jennifer thinks she and Alf are a possible item. Alan gets a contact in the midlands. Maggie tires of hearing about Jennifer’s rich solicitor friend John. Ray recognises Jennifer from his youth on the back streets in Burnley. Jennifer makes it clear that when she marries Gordon they’d continue to live in London. Ray introduces himself to Jennifer but she isn’t pleased to be reminded of her working class past. Marian Mason tells a shocked Alan that Dennis Maxwell is in charge of the Solihull branch. Annie meets Juan Arrabal, the consul, who thinks she’s there for a work permit or to complain about a package holiday. She tells him about Emily’s disappearance. Alan is curt with Elsie but doesn’t tell her about Maxwell. Annie pushes the consul into making enquiries and he contacts his embassy. Irma’s boyfriend rings her and she buys a new dress. Ray tells Alf that Jennifer was a gold digger and that Maggie and Gordon ought to be warned. Alan tells Elsie about Maxwell. Elsie denies knowing beforehand. Alan asks her to rethink the matter now she does know.


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  • On the countdown to the recording of Part 1, Sandra Gough can be heard teasing the floor manager as he announces the episode by saying "Doesn’t talk like a foreigner, does he?"
  • The scene on the Grape Street set was OB recorded.
  • TV Times synopsis: Alan is disturbed by information received; and Annie by the lack of it.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,550,000 homes (6th place).

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Irma Barlow: "Cultivate people round here and you'll get a crop of raspberries."

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