Lucille wonders what job she can tell Annie she’s got and uses her friend Lorraine Binks’s cover that she’s a receptionist at the YWCA. Nellie Harvey rings Annie to say she’s calling to see her. An expensive car turns up on the street with Eddie Duncan, player for Weatherfield County FC, driving it. He drinks in the Rovers. Ena, Minnie and Albert plan a children’s Christmas party at the Community Centre. The women admire Eddie. He rings his girlfriend to come and join him. Nellie turns up to see Annie. The brewery want them to go and see a disco pub they’ve opened - the Aquarius, run by Kitty Stonely as as adjoining establishment to the Robin Hood club. Ray tells everyone that Dave Smith is now a county director. Eddie’s girlfriend turns up - it’s Irma. Lucille suggests Minnie gets Eddie’s autograph to give to the children. Irma enjoys all attention that Eddie gets but worries that he’s ashamed of her. Minnie gets more autographs from residents, not realising they worthless. Nellie goes to the Aquarius where she and Kitty struggle to make themselves heard. Ena’s dismissive of Minnie’s collection of autographs. Maggie asks Len to take her out as Irma wants the place to herself. Eddie tells Irma that Dave doesn’t like his players being out late. He knocks back her alcoholic drink rather than his own orange juice. Annie sympathises for Lucille, stuck behind a desk at the YWCA. In fact, Lucille is in stage go-go dancing with Lorraine at the Aquarius as Kitty and Nellie watch on.


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Ken Barlow: "When I was at university I was going to change the world and the only rebellion I get involved with [now] is a tea machine."

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