Eddie Duncan calls for Irma and meets Elsie and Maggie. He persuades Maggie to let Irma go and watch him play at that afternoon's match. Nellie Harvey calls at the Aquarius, investigating "Lita Laverne" - Lucille's stage name - and questioning Kitty Stonely about her. Albert and Ray play football in the street and Annie is almost hit by the ball. Elsie gets tired of the football talk and drinks with Ena and Minnie . Irma tells Maggie she doesn't know if she's serious yet about Eddie as she goes off to watch the match, dolling herself up in a blonde wig to mix with the other players' wives and girlfriends. Nellie calls into the Rovers and persuades Annie to go to the Aquarius with her that night. Lucille and Lorraine Binks prepare for their act. Several Skinheads come into the pub. County do badly. Eddie feels disheartened and considers quitting the team. Albert, Ray, Len and Alf conduct a post mortem on the team's performance in the pub. Ken tells Elsie he's bored teaching at the Tech and wishes he'd been brave enough to go to Jamaica after Val died. Bet and Betty get nervous about the skinheads. Betty tries to throw them out when they set fire to one of their County rosettes and the menfolk have to step in to help evict them. Annie hates the club but Nellie persuades her to stay until Lucille appears on stage. Annie is horrified by what she sees. Eddie agrees to have tea with the Ogdens.


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  • The two skinheads were credited in TV Times as "First Skinhead Arthur" (David Lincoln) and "Second Skinhead Knocker" (Trevor Lawrence).
  • TV Times synopsis: Annie goes "go-go."
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,900,000 homes (3rd place).
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