Emily returns from Spain. Ernie is still in jail but the authorities have agreed he is innocent. They just need to go through the formalities before he is released. Annie tears a strip off Lucille and tells her she’s getting a reputation. Lucille tells her she’s only interested in her good name. Annie insists that Lucille resigns from the Aquarius. Irma asks Hilda to put on a good show for Eddie. Hilda gets a letter which delights her. Bet tells Lucille that Newton & Ridley don’t like criticism of their pubs and clubs - including the Aquarius. Stan mouths off in the Rovers that Eddie is a rubbish player. He then insults Eddie's playing to his face - not knowing who he is. When introduced by Bet, Stan slinks out of the pub. Hilda asks Emily’s advice about the letter. Lucille drafts a letter of resignation to Newton and Ridley, expressing Annie's dislike of disco pubs as the reason. Stan is shocked when Irma brings Eddie to tea. Annie backs down with Lucille so long as she uses her non de plume - "Lita LaVerne". Emily gets a telegram to say that Ernie has been released and is on his way to Malta. Ray suggests to Bet that they should have go-go dancing at the Rovers. Irma enjoys winding Stan up over their tea but Eddie makes his peace with him. A journalist tells Eddie that he’s written a piece questioning his fitness. Hilda drops hints that she’s come into money. Alf tells Ken he should apply for the vacant Deputy Head teaching post at Bessie Street School. Hilda tells Stan she’s won £500 on the premium bonds.


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