Annie cries over all the trouble she's caused. Jack tries to cheer her up by showing her a letter from Billy together with a photo of him and David Barlow at a Christmas party in London. Albert spreads the word that the £20 was never stolen and returns to the Rovers but Harry isn't so forgiving. Annie makes a big order at the shop to show that she isn't boycotting Florrie. Jack eases the burden on his wife by writing letters of apology to everyone she offended. Concepta tells him that Harry and Len had a lousy time at The Flying Horse and came home an hour earlier than normal. Frank discovers Florrie has been over-charging him 10/- on his orders. Minnie and Martha convince Ena to go along to the Flying Horse, thinking everyone from Coronation Street will be there. Ken and Florrie explain to Frank that Ida ran up a debt with the shopping before she died. The extra money on their bills is to pay back the debt. Frank pays the outstanding sum. Most of the regulars return to the Rovers. The only exception is Elsie, who accuses Harry of having no guts when she sees him going in. Florrie goes out again but is coy about where she's going. After spending the evening in a deserted Flying Horse, Ena sings the opening line of Some Enchanted Evening to her forlorn companions.


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