Episode 1140
Production code P694/140
ITV transmission date 20th December 1971 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
John Temple
Script editor Malcolm Lynch
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Eugene Ferguson
Director Colin Cant
Producer Brian Armstrong
Previous episode 15th December 1971
Next episode 22nd December 1971


Stan continues to moan that all the drink has gone. Elsie and Alan make up. She suddenly remembers she has no food in for Christmas. Betty worries about how hard Maggie is working by herself at the shop. Albert argues with Eddie and Dave about how much he knows about football. Kitty Stonely helps plan an RNLI Boxing Day ball at the Windermere Rooms but she and Nellie Harvey agree not to tell Annie about the event. She meets the two fellow-landladies at the Robin Hood for a get-together before Christmas where Charlie the waiter gives the game away about the ball. Mark Howard rings Alan about seeing him over Christmas. Maggie is delighted when Lucille steps in to help her out at the shop. Elsie puts in her food order again. Albert has nowhere to go for Christmas but won’t admit it. Kitty and Nellie give Annie reasons why she wouldn’t like the ball. Ena sees through Albert and tells him to go to Beattie’s for Christmas. Annie thinks she ought to go to the ball as it’s for charity. Bet wants Boxing Day night off but Betty and Cyril are going to a police federation do. A drunk Dave Smith invites Maggie and Elsie for a drink over Christmas. As Laura is going to the Mediterranean for Christmas, Alan invites Mark to stay. Elsie goes berserk, refusing to have him there. Alan decides he's had enough of her and leaves.


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