Maggie and Lucille scrap the shop slate as a New Year's resolution. Annie isn’t too bothered about the missing handbag as she enjoyed her night so much. Hilda tries to gossip to her and Emily about the Howard’s spilt. Elsie tells Maggie she suspects Alan’s with Janet Reid. Hilda tries to push Elsie for gossip and gets an earful in response. No one knows where Alan is staying. Elsie also rips into Ivy and Edna when she thinks they’re talking about her but realises she was mistaken. Emily is summoned to Bury to see her ill Auntie May. Nellie and Kitty call at the Rovers to see if Gerald Prince has called and Annie hears that he has her handbag. Jerry tells Alan he sympathises with his situation. Hilda wants her and Stan to leave within their means from now on but he points out that they’re skint. He watches as Lucille returns a bag full of empties for the pub and gets an idea. Gerald calls on Annie at the Rovers and returns the evening bag, much to Nellie and Kitty’s jealousy. Stan skives off work to collect empties. Gerald avoids accepting an invitation from Kitty and Nellie to go out for lunch in Manchester with Annie instead. Ivy and Edna invite Elsie out with them. Stan returns a sackful of bottles but only gets 10p as only four of the bottles come from Newton & Ridley. Emily has to look after Auntie May and she plans to move the two of them into the studio flat. Annie and Gerald plan to meet again. Elsie refuses to meet Alan halfway. Billy Walker arrives from London at the Canal Garage at 4.30am and finds Alan sleeping there.


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Elsie Howard: "I'm an expert on marriage breakdowns."


Elsie Howard (to Hilda Ogden): "You're the biggest gas bag since the Graf Zeppelin."
Hilda Ogden: "Hey, that's liable!"

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