Episode 1145
Production code P694/145
ITV transmission date 5th January 1972 (Wednesday)
Stories by Harry Driver
Esther Rose
John Temple
Script editor Malcolm Lynch
Writer Julian Roach
Designer Eugene Ferguson
Director Desmond McCarthy
Producer Brian Armstrong
Previous episode 3rd January 1972
Next episode 10th January 1972


Annie is delighted to see Billy back though he’s evasive for the reason for his return. Alan tells Maggie he can’t return to Elsie as their marriage is a treadmill of arguments. Betty argues with Hilda after she leaves the Rovers cleaning half-done. Billy tells Annie about Alan sleeping at the garage. Ivy and Edna take Elsie to task for her unreasonable attitude at work towards them. She agrees to go to The Red Lion with them. Nellie and Kitty call on Annie to find out how her meal out with Gerald went. He rings while they’re there to arrange another lunch with Annie, provoking their jealousy again. Billy tells Alan he’s come to check the books. Alan wants his share of the profits to pay off the last of his debts. Elsie enjoys her night at the Red Lion where Ivy and Edna get on stage to sing Now Is The Hour. Billy avoids talking to Alan. Gerald turns up to eat dinner with Annie. Elsie feels more morose as the night at the pub wears on. Edna and Ivy suggest she and Alan get back together and not to expect everything from each other all the time. Annie tells Gerald she only wants a friendship. Betty and Hilda argue again and Hilda threatens to use The Flying Horse from now onwards. Billy won’t come into the bar when Alan asks for him. Billy tells Annie that Chiswick fell through. His two partners did a bunk and left him £3000 in debt. Alan watches as a lonely Elsie returns home alone.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Betty Turpin: "Ask anyone about the Ogdens and what'll be the first words you hear? Shiftless, idle and ignorant."

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