Lucille and Lorraine Binks ask Ernie to do their publicity photos. Emily tells Ernie she feels they ought to turn down such business. The girls refer Ernie to their agent, Ray. Billy gives Alan £112.20, his share of the profits, and tells him that if he can come up with £2,500 the garage is his, even though the buyer has offered £2,750. Alan asks for 48 hours, even though he doesn’t know where he’s going to get the funds. Elsie asks Maggie if she’s heard anything about the garage and is told about the sale and Alan’s redundancy. Len sympathises with Alan’s predicament and blames Billy but he can’t help him financially. Alan refuses to ask Dave Smith for financial help. Annie worries how Billy will earn a living once the garage is sold. Emily is shocked when she develops some of the photos that Ernie took on his assignment. Ray gets the girls a booking in a club on the other side of Oldham. Emily makes Ernie a bowl of gruel to a recipe that Auntie May likes but he throws it in the bin when her back is turned. He gets exasperated that he and Emily can’t go out and leave Auntie May alone. Len tells Elsie about Alan’s need for the money. Maggie is tired and needs a permanent assistant. Annie is tired of the gossip about Billy turning Alan on to the streets. Billy tells Len that his creditors are threatening him and Annie overhears. Mr Vine tells Alan that no one will lend him money. Elsie calls at the garage and asks Alan to come home. He agrees.


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