Elsie decides to ring Linda using the phone at Miami Modes as Mrs Dumbarton has left the department. Dennis awaits his cheque from Lenny Phillips and excitedly opens a letter addressed to 'Ricky Dennis', only to find it's Jed asking him to repay £1 he borrowed from him. Minnie's mother's banging on the ceiling begins to get to Ena and she feels that she has to move on from 15 Jubilee Terrace. Elsie and Dennis call Linda in Canada. Elsie and Dennis split the cost between them but Elsie hogs the receiver. Albert gives Dennis the letter from Lenny after it's delivered to the vestry by mistake. Minnie's mother gets up when she hears Ena has gone. Ena turns up at Martha's door expecting to be taken in. Martha tells her there's no room as she's putting up Lily's family while she's in hospital. The Walkers cash Dennis's cheque for £8 16/-. Annie grumbles when he uses the Rovers phone again as he keeps leaving it off the hook. Dennis treats Elsie to a roast dinner with pineapple and whipped cream for afters. Annie is impressed by his gesture and gives him a bottle of port with her compliments. Ena goes missing with her hot water bottle. Elsie is dubious about Dennis's cookery skills but enjoys being fussed over. The residents wonder if Florrie is courting. Ena arrives back to stay at the mission. Albert tells her she can't.


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