Len repaints the Canal Garage sign for Alan. Elsie looks for Len. Billy is at a loose end. Elsie asks Len to find out where Alan got the money for the garage. He reluctantly agrees, thinking that it's better to act like the three wise monkeys. Ken asks Terry Bates about his homelife and hears how much he has to look after his sister. He tells him he should be concentrating his energies on his schoolwork. Alan tells Billy he has to bounce back from his troubles and not have regrets. Len asks Alan for the source of his money, pretending its for him to get a loan but Alan tells him that his own loan was a one-off. Terry falls asleep in class and tells Ken he went to bed late. Ken instructs him to tell his mum not to work him so hard. Stan doesn't take Hilda's hints about her birthday. Albert and Minnie decide to spend the afternoon together in No.1 to conserve her coal. Stan promises to take Hilda anywhere she likes for her birthday. Terry is first at school the next morning, arriving before Perkins. Bet refuses to make breakfast for Billy. Perkins congratulates Ken on getting Terry to be punctual. Elsie performs the opening ceremony at the garage with cans of beer. Hilda insists that Stan asks Len for the day off from work on her birthday under threat of not making his tea. Terry tells Ken that his mum is threatening to come to see Mr Perkins and complain about his interference.


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  • Christine, Christopher, Sidney, Shirley and Earl, five children in class 4A at Bessie Street School, are uncredited, although they have lines of dialogue, along with one other unnamed child.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ken interferes in a pupil's homelife.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,400,000 homes (6th place).
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