Maggie asks Ernie questions about his photography business customers, puzzling him. Minnie tells Len her concerns about Ena. Over at the centre, Ena loses her keys and has a sudden head pain. Billy tells Lucille she can do better for herself than the go-go dancing. Albert annoys Annie complaining about the Rovers pies. Len questions Ena about the work being too much for her, annoying her, but he realises nothing is wrong when she easily sees off Albert's complaints about his gardening lecture slot. Billy is taken with Lorraine Binks when he sees her practising her routine with Lucille, annoying Ray. Maggie questions Emily about her old friends at the warehouse. Billy sticks close to Lucille and Lorraine, supposedly to be able to speak further to Lucille on Annie's behalf. Len tells Minnie that she has nothing to worry about. Billy is pleased when Len drags Ray back to work. A new colour television set is delivered to the centre and Ena is put in charge of it. Ernie has a mysterious appointment concerning Auntie May. Ena takes Minnie to task for gossiping about her. Maggie questions Ena and Minnie about how often they go to the doctors. Annie tells Betty that Maggie is asking questions of everybody. Ernie tells Emily he's found a flat for Auntie May. She wonders what the old lady will say. Ray finds Billy about to kiss Lorraine and warns him off her in no uncertain terms.


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