Annie doesn't think Billy is getting anywhere in getting Lucille into a more respectable job. Lucille thinks Ray is exercising too much control over their act. Auntie May is due to be moved to her new flat tomorrow. Maggie asks more questions of the residents. Annie pushes Betty to find out why. Emily wonders how compatible she and Ernie really are. Ray gets the girls a booking at the Butterfly Club but Billy steals his thunder with Lorraine Binks when he reveals he knows the manager there and can get the booking extended. Albert grumbles that he can't watch what he wants on the new centre television. Lucille is unhappy with the Butterfly Club and her work and tells Ray he doesn't stand a chance with Lorraine. Ena agrees to let the Bishops have their reception at the Community Centre. The girls go down well at the club. Maggie calls on Ena and tells her she enrolled in the Open University the previous year, taking a Social Sciences course. Ena approves. The club manager offers further bookings - but only for Lorraine. Lucille is furious. Ray is shocked when Lorraine drops him as her agent and Billy is equally surprised when his advances are spurned. Auntie May has a relapse and cannot be moved. Ena is woken up by Len in the night - the centre door is wide open and the colour television is missing.


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Minnie Caldwell: "Some of us wouldn't go on living in here if we could do without company."


Emily Nugent: "I'm just very glad I'm marrying somebody who checks three times if they've locked up at night."

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