Betty worries that they won't have enough money to buy into the Corner Shop but Cyril tells her not to worry. Alf can't understand how two sisters couldn't get on. Maggie tells Lucille that Annie had made enquiries as to the selling price of the shop on behalf of someone else. Len has interviewed four women for the post of co-caretaker at the Community Centre but they've all declined when they've found out who they'll be working with. Minnie tells Ena she'll enjoy having someone to boss around. The stolen TV is found in the back of a van in Balaclava Street and two men have been arrested. Maggie is puzzled as to why Annie should want a partnership in the shop. The doctor tells Auntie May there's nothing wrong with her and to get back on her feet. Ernie sees no reason to delay the wedding announcement. Alf suggests an advert in the Gazette for the co-caretaker job. Albert puts himself forward for the job. Alf thinks it's a good idea while Len thinks fireworks will result. They agree to give it a try. Maggie is horrified when Cyril makes an offer for half the shop. Ena flatly refuses Albert in the post until it is pointed out that if she doesn't she'll lose the job. She insists on being called 'Senior Caretaker' but is still despondent at the outcome. Maggie tells Cyril that she's had another offer. Albert takes up his position and insists on wearing his Lancashire Fusiliers' caretaking hat. Cyril is uncertain as to whether Maggie's story about another offer is true. Betty is upset by her attitude but Cyril is adamant she's going to get in the shop.


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  • A customer in the Rovers in uncredited although he has a line of dialogue.
  • This episode features a real-life event when Maggie Clegg sells Elsie Howard a packet of cigarettes which carry a government health warning for the first time as the result of a voluntary code of practice agreed the previous year.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ena and Maggie face takeover bids
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,600,000 homes (4th place).
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