Ray and Len get annoyed with their change of breakfast cereal as their usual one is too expensive for Jerry's housekeeping budget. Ernie and Emily decide on a spring wedding although Emily is nervous of telling Auntie May. Ena complains that Albert is slacking on the job as 'Junior Caretaker'. Annie tells Billy she's thinking of buying Irma's share in the Corner Shop for Lucille. Billy tells her Lucille is too irresponsible. Lucille confirms his opinion by asking his opinion on her being an air hostess. Maggie refuses to tell Cyril where the other offer comes from but Annie tells Betty it was her. Cyril tries to morally blackmail Maggie by using the fact that Betty came to look after her in June 1969. Alf sees how upset Maggie is getting. Aunty May carries on feigning illness, causing Ernie to worry that she'll want to live over the brush with them. Albert goes down with flu, annoying Ena. Alf warns Cyril to stop putting pressure on Maggie. Cyril tells him he should pay more attention to his wife and Len and Billy have to stop them from fighting. Ray and Len aren't happy with the evening meal served up by Jerry. He demands more housekeeping from them. Elsie advises Emily not to let Aunty May ride roughshod over her. Maggie learns what Cyril said about her and Alf. She feels beholden to the Turpins, but tells Betty she doesn't want her in the shop. She tells them she doesn't care if she ever sees them again. Betty walks out, telling her to rot. Ray and Len decide to go shopping for themselves, not believing Jerry's excuse of the cost of living.


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