Jerry, Len and Ray go to Harrison's Supermarket to get their own individual shopping and compare what they spent with each other. Maggie questions Len as to why they aren't using the Corner Shop and Alf takes the mickey out of them. Emily gets despondent at Auntie May's attitude. While Ray is interested in Brenda the checkout girl, Len gets used to the unfamiliar experience of supermarket shopping. Maggie apologises to Betty and they make up. Len puts luxury goods in his basket. Alan and Ken pull Ernie's leg about coming to a decision about the wedding. Cyril and Betty mistake Maggie's apology for a hint that they're still in with a chance for the shop. Cyril tells an infuriated Annie that he thinks the shop should sell alcohol. The three men go through the checkout: Len's bill comes to £5.92, Ray's £5.30 and Jerry's £3.44. In an attempt to retain her monopoly on alcohol selling, Annie makes a firm offer for the shop on Lucille's behalf. Emily and Ernie decide on an Easter wedding when Ernie decides that May can live with them in his house. Having made his point, Jerry demands £6 a week off Ray and Len or else he's packing in housekeeping. Gordon offers to lend Maggie money to buy Irma out but Maggie thinks it's his wedding money. Lucille is suspicious that Annie is up to something. Emily tells Ernie that Auntie May refuses to live with them so the wedding is off again.


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Emily Nugent: "I'm something of an oddity. I've no special skills, so if I don't marry Ernest what do I do? Get more odd."

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