Irma writes to Stan and Hilda pushing them to get some money off Maggie. As Ray and Len refuse to pay the increase in housekeeping, Jerry refuses to cook. Emily is annoyed with Ernie for swearing when he heard the news about Auntie May. Cyril tries to persuade Maggie to take up their offer but she tells him she and Betty wouldn't get on under the same roof. She tells the Ogdens they've just got to wait for her answer. Annie is cold with Betty. Alf tells Billy that Annie wants the shop for Lucille. In turn, Billy tells him about the off-licence idea. Alf's shocked. Billy tells Lucille about the shop. She's furious. Ray and Len come home to find that no dinner is prepared for them. Lucille tearfully tells Annie that in no way does she want the shop. Annie takes her annoyance out on Betty. Elsie persuades Emily to make a decision one way or the other. Cyril asks Len and Ray for alterations at the Corner Shop. Emily visits the Bluebells old folks' home. Betty tells Maggie about Lucille's refusal but they are interrupted by Annie who tells Maggie that the offer still stands - she will be a sleeping partner. Emily takes Auntie May to the home. She likes it because they have a colour television and polite residents and agrees to live there. Emily also tells Elsie that she's made another decision, just as she did eight years ago. Len and Ray try to get Stan and Elsie to invite them to their homes for a meal. Len wonders where Jerry is. The man in question happily looks over some blueprints in the yard office. Maggie tells Alf that whoever offers her the most can have the whole shop. Ernie is delighted that Auntie May has gone. Emily asks Ernie to marry her on Easter Monday - he agrees.


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