Emily is surprised when Ernie turns up for Sunday service in gumboots and outdoor gear as he has a photographic job after the service at the canal taking images on the theme of pollution. She worries that people will talk. Alf is shocked to hear that Maggie plans to go and live in London. Hilda wants to decorate the hall but Stan refuses. Elsie looks forward to a visit from her grandson Paul Cheveski. Alf and Maggie go for a walk by the canal. He tells her of the distance between himself and his wife. They meet Emily and Ernie at their work. Maggie summons the Turpins and Annie to the shop to hear her decision. Hilda insists on attending with Stan to make sure that Irma's interests are seen to. Maggie tells them she's getting a bank loan to buy Irma's share herself. Only the Ogdens are pleased by the decision though Maggie's relieved that the matter is over. Lucille tells Ray that she heard noises in the yard even though it was supposedly closed. Betty considers handing in her notice. Emily visits Auntie May at the Bluebells old folks' home and finds that she's very happy. Len and Ray go round to the yard. Under a large piece of tarpaulin they discover a boat being built by Jerry..


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Alf Roberts: "This is us, though, in't it?
Maggie Clegg: "What - dirty canals?"
Alf Roberts: "Aye, dirty canals, tall chimneys, terraced houses and corner shops."

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