Paul Cheveski, recovering from flu, is on his way to stay at No.11. Alan goes to the station to collect him while Linda phones from Birmingham, fussing that everything is okay. Jerry is pre-occupied with the design of his boat. He asks Len for a loan to help fund its construction. Bet finds a job in the Gazette for Lucille. Elsie and Alan enjoy having Paul around. Lucille tells Maggie that the job is at the Mark Brittain Warehouse and asks her for a reference. She reluctantly agrees and Lucille takes umbrage at her attitude, telling her to forget it. Paul surprises Maggie when he calls her establishment "a funny little shop". Stan takes an interest in the boat. Paul helps Alan at the Canal Garage. They decide on a trip that the afternoon - Paul wants to go to the Manchester Museum though Alan decides to go to Belle Vue instead. Elsie doesn't like being called "Gran". Maggie seeks sanctuary in the shop away from a bickering Ena and Albert and Maggie sets her to work. She also offers Paul some free sweets but he chooses pickled onions instead. Lucille has an interview for the job. At Belle Vue Paul enjoys a Dalek ride and other slot machines, spending Alan's money. Jerry gets annoyed when Stan would rather sandpaper the boat than do paid jobs. The Howards enjoy the hall of mirrors. Ken suffers with a cold. Lucille gets the job, having submitted some sort of reference herself. The Howards go on the ghost train. Betty tells Maggie that Lucille mentioned a reference and made it out as if it was from her. Maggie tells Minnie that Ena and Albert have settled their differences. Stan makes suggestions for the name of the boat that Jerry rejects. Elsie is exhausted at the funfair, as is Alan's pocket.


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  • Part Two begins with a slightly extended version of the theme tune with its rarely-heard opening bars.
  • TV Times synopsis: Lucille applies for a job - and Elsie lets herself in for one.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,600,000 homes (5th place).
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