Having enjoyed Belle Vue, Alan reminisces about the Newcastle upon Tyne fairs when he was a lad. Betty gets Paul some comics for helping her out with some bottles but Bobby is traumatised after being Tommy-gunned by the boy while he was having his breakfast. Jerry is annoyed when Len and Ray take over the building of the boat. Maggie confides in Ken that she feels Lucille got the warehouse job with false references. Minnie buys some herbs to help Bobby recover from his lack of appetite. Paul wants Alan to keep his promise of a game of football before dinner. Len talks about buying expensive sails for the boat, upsetting Jerry. Ken tells Lucille that Maggie’s upset about the reference. Alan and Paul play football in the Street and Alan smashes the Ogdens' window. They run off before Stan sees them. He tries to trace the owner of the ball and works out it was Paul. He confronts Elsie and Alan admits it was him who did the deed. Lucille admits to Maggie she made up a reference. Maggie tells her she’s not sure what she’s going to do. Lucille hints that if Gordon hadn’t jilted her she would be a happy housewife and wouldn’t need a job so much. Paul gives Bobby a saucer full of liver salts to help his stomach and poisons him. Ray and Len give Stan a pane of glass and tell him to fit it himself. Ken tells Jerry about a friend of his who was a member of Weatherfield Yachting Club. He’s interested in joining. Alan drives Paul to the station for the train back to Birmingham. Maggie is summoned to the Warehouse. Stan tries to fit the window and breaks the glass.


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