Elsie admits she enjoyed having Paul around. Maggie tells Lucille that the warehouse wanted to know why she left Dave Smith's Betting Shop and she didn’t tell them about the forged reference. Emily hands out copies of her wedding present list. Hilda looks for something cheap on it. Emily and Ernie go to see his house in Eccles. Jerry Booth calls the boat "Shangri-La". Freddie Baxter, the secretary of the Weatherfield Sailing Club agrees to see Jerry after a sea cadets meeting in the Community Centre. Emily doesn’t like the old furniture that Ernie inherited from his parents. The pompous Baxter is amused at the idea of a boat being built in a back yard. Emily doesn’t like the idea of the back garden of the house being used for vegetables instead of flowers as Ernie plans. Maggie worries if Lucille will make a success of the warehouse job. Emily doesn’t like the fact that Ernie doesn’t know his neighbours but he thinks it’s peaceful. Unable to afford a present, Minnie thinks of making a patchwork quilt for a wedding present. Emily doesn’t like Ernest’s choice of old-fashioned wallpapers to decorate with. Jerry doesn’t like Baxter’s snobbery and decides to approach the sea cadets direct. Baxter calls at the yard and sees the boat. He’s not impressed and thinks Jerry's application to join ought to be reconsidered. Emily tells Ernie she could never live in the house.


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Kenneth Barlow (reading Emily Nugent's wedding present list): "Oh, er, let’s have a look. What’s this - house in Bermuda, yacht in the Costa Brava and a ranch in the San Fernando Valley?"
Minnie Caldwell (surprised): "Oh, I haven’t got that on my list…"


Ray Langton: "You know, I know a fellah - he’s er, chairman of the brewery and he’s also chairman of the magistrates. You see, he makes his money by getting folks tanked up at night and then he fines them next day."

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