It is Sunday. Emily worries that Minnie hasn’t got a fire lit and is not going to the Rovers but just plans to sit at home all day. Jerry is not confident about launching the Shangri-La. He rings Joe Robinson who has a trailer and cancels his appointment for the boat to be taken to Burmer Reservoir. Bet amazes Annie when, before they come in, she pulls all the pints that everyone will order at Sunday dinner opening time and correctly guesses who will arrive and what they will want, with the exception of Elsie. Annie gives Bet her drink on the house. Lucille tells the regulars that Joe Robinson supposedly can’t help transport the boat. Len remembers that Ken has a friend with a boat and a trailer. Emily wonders if she and Ernie can get a house in the street. Albert complains to Minnie about Bobby making a mess in his backyard. Len and Ray ask Ken to contact his friend, correctly guessing Jerry’s true motives. Ernest and Emily ask Ken if he’s ever interested in moving out of No.3. Jerry is taken aback when he finds out he will be sailing after all. Annie refuses Bet time off to go and see the sailing. When Ernie and Emily want some time alone together, they stand in for her in cleaning up after closing time. The Ogdens, Ray, Jerry, Ken, Alan and Lucille go to Burmer reservoir. Ray tells Stan he’s ballast for the boat. Ernie and Emily asks Albert if he’d consider moving out to Beattie’s and get short shrift from him. Lucille launches the boat with champagne, though most of the bottle has been drunk already by the watchers. Albert tells Minnie about Ernie and Emily’s enquiries and tells her that Alfred Wormold can’t evict her so long as she’s on top of her rent. As she isn’t, she cries to herself with worry. With Stan, Ray and Jerry in the boat, Stan leans over too far and overturns it. The three men stumble ashore and a frantic Jerry gets help from another boat to assist in the recovery.


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