The Shangri-La has been retrieved and is back in the yard. Jerry, Ray, Len and Alan bicker over who was to blame for the boat capsizing. Hilda tells them that Stan's confined to his bed ill. Minnie tells Albert that she's two weeks behind with her rent and needs £2. He worries her further when he tells her that Wormold has been to see the rent officer at the Town Hall. Hilda tries to blag some honey off an ill Ken to make honey and lemon. Len and Ray catch Stan drinking in the Rovers for "medicinal purposes". Prompted by Bet, Len speaks to Minnie about her rent. Lucille makes up some boiled onions for Ken as a cold cure. He mopes about his dull life. Len tells Minnie she has nothing to worry about and Albert lends her the £2. Mr. Grimley, the rent officer, turns up at No.5. Ken feels like doing something positive with his life and decides that Emily and Ernie they can have the Flemings' house - it'll do him good to have a change. Mr. Grimley, sent by Len, assures Minnie that her rent can't be put up without certain conditions. Ernest and Emily set out to buy bedroom furniture. They are delighted and moved when Ken tells them they can have the house. Stan makes excuses for being in the pub to Len and Ray. Jerry gets annoyed when Stan blames the boat for his supposed illness. Minnie tells Annie that Ena's been missed off the guest list for the wedding. Ernie tells an interested Ray that Audrey Fleming is coming to see them about the house.


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