Emily and Ernie get excited about the upcoming wedding. Emily asks him to shave off his beard. He's reluctant to agree. Audrey doesn't want to come back to the Street and sends cousin Vicki Bright in her place. Audrey's divorce from Dickie is imminent and she wants to know what certain people are up to. Ernie and Emily hand Ena the wedding guest list and she realises she is missing from it. She's offended. Lucille taunts Ray about Audrey's return. Vicki agrees to the sale of No.3 to Ernie and Emily. They invite her to the wedding and Ray introduces himself to her. Albert and Ena bicker over the tables at the centre for the wedding. Ray returns to speak with Vicki - she already knows about him from what Audrey has told her. Emily begs again for the beard to go. Ernie agrees and she insists it's done immediately. Vicki admits to Ray that one of the reasons she came was to see what he was like. They take a liking to each other. Ernie and Emily give Ena flowers as an apology. She will only accept them if they deal with Albert. Ken can't find anywhere to live. Ernie shaves off his beard but keeps a moustache. Albert isn't bothered when Ernie passes on Ena's complaints. Lucille suggests that Ena is given more power so she can deal with Albert herself and they ask her to organise the seating plan. Minnie offers Ken lodgings but he hastily tells her he's moving in with Albert. Elsie offers to put Vicki up. Albert takes umbrage and tells Ken he values his privacy too much to have him living at No.1.


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