With Ena using his bedroom, Dennis sleeps in the parlour. Elsie is annoyed to discover that he used her best coat as a blanket and her clean undies as a pillow. She threatens to put him through the mincer if he hasn't got rid of Ena before she comes home from work. Harry finds out that Lucille and Elsie have been over-feeding the whippets with rice pudding. Ena doesn't sleep a wink at No.11. Dennis hints that she's outstayed her welcome by asking her if she still sees her daughter. She herself decides to move on as she finds his side of the Street too noisy. Concepta is furious when Harry takes the whippets for a walk and leaves the doorstep covered in muddy pawprints. She nags him to get rid of the dogs before taking it back, afraid that he'd resent her. Harry surprises her by agreeing to sell the dogs as he's too busy to exercise them. Annie goes to Derby to see Joan. Minnie celebrates her mother being up and about only for Ena to announce that she's moving back in. Concepta worries that Harry is only selling the whippets to please her. Frank receives a letter from David asking him and Ken to watch him play against Leeds United. Harry tries to flog the whippets to Len's mate Arnold, who initially sold them to Harry. Albert prepares for a visit by Nancy Leathers. Dennis gets a tape recorder on approval and secretly records Elsie to let her hear her own voice. Elsie is appalled by how coarse she sounds. With the tape still running, Dennis makes out that he acted masterfully to get rid of Ena but Ena then comes to collect her things and apologises for not accepting his invitation to stay. Elsie mocks Dennis by replaying the tape. Arnold does a swap for the whippets. Concepta is horrified when Harry introduces her to their new greyhound, Lucky Lolita.


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