Jerry wonders where they can store the Shangri-La. Vicki comes to the yard. Neither have slept well and she can't make up her mind what to do. They agree to talk later. Emily sends a postcard from the Peak District, changing her mind about the colour scheme of No.3. Annie decides to chivvy up the decorators to get it done. A reluctant Ken has to fill in for an absent games teacher. Elsie guesses that Vicki is pregnant and Hilda overhears their conversation. Vicki tells Elsie about the proposal. Jerry tells Ray not to get married and to steer clear of her. Hilda is annoyed that her gossip about Vicki's baby is already known. The decorators tells Annie they need another fortnight and she threatens to bar the regulars if they don't all lend a hand in readying the house for the Bishops' return. Albert convinces Wilfred Perkins he knows something about football and he asks him to come along to a game the school are playing that afternoon under Ken's supervision. Annie "supervises" the residents as they begin decorating with Hilda under threat of the sack if she doesn't comply. Ken isn't pleased to hear that Albert is attending the match. Hilda tells Ray she saw Vicki leaving on the Preston bus. Perkins doesn't like the fouling tactics that Albert encourages the boys to use. Elsie gets annoyed that the decorating advice she's given by everyone. Vicki comes back from Preston and asks Ray if he'd marry her if she had the baby adopted. They're interrupted before he can answer. Bessie Street lose 6-2. Albert convinces Perkins it could have been worse but for him. Ken isn't happy to be made temporary sports master by Perkins in order that Bessie Street can beat Regent's Road in football next week with no question of a defeat being tolerated.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Ray and Vicky look to the future - and wonder if it has anything for them.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 7,400,000 homes (5th place).
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