Ivy has spent the night at No.11, feeling sorry for herself and irritating Alan. Albert volunteers himself to give tactics to the Bessie Street School boys. Ernie plans the redecoration of the purple ceiling. He worries that he's forgotten something important. Ivy knocks back a huge breakfast as she rants about Jack. She doesn't take Alan's hints that she's not welcome. Alf walks into the Bishop's bedroom to collect a pan of paint he left and reminds Ernie that he was due to preach this Sunday morning as per the circuit plan. Ernie panics. Albert uses his uniform to try to push to the front of the Rovers Sunday lunch queue. Hilda tells Ray that Stan is going back on the lorries and wants his holiday money due to him. Ena is harsh with the Bishops for missing the service when they themselves forced Albert on her after she overslept several months ago. Ivy wonders what their Sunday dinner will be while the Howards plan to spend lunch in the pub. They sneak out behind her back when Edna calls with the gossip about Jack and Cheryl. Alf calls with white paint to re-do No.3's ceiling, annoying Ernie who just wants to be left alone. Alan demands that Elsie throws Ivy out. She does it by pointing out that Ivy doesn't know what Jack is up to with Cheryl while she's gone. Ken, Albert and Stan train the boys, including Terry Bates. Ken volunteers Albert to see to the washing of the boys' kits. Ivy discovers Cheryl has settled into her house and refuses to stay. She returns to No.11 and thanks the exasperated Howards for letting her return. Ray makes a 10p bet with Ken that the lads won't win their next match. Ivy invites herself to join the Howards on a night out so they're forced to stay in instead. The Howards are at the end of their tether with her.


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