Alan blames Ivy and Edna for Elsie getting into trouble. Billy is amused when Annie tells him that Stan swerved to avoid a fox at Scotch Corner and a consignment of bananas fell on him, putting him in hospital. Johnny Fitzpatrick castigates Elsie for letting Alan into the warehouse and advises her to throw Ivy out of her house, saying being boss and friend doesn't mix. Rita threatens to tell Terry's dad about him disappearing from the match and going to the pictures. In turn, Terry threatens to tell him Rita is interested in Ken. Albert and Ken both try to take the credit for the Bessie Street School win. Elsie is angry when she arrives home and finds Ivy preparing for a date with George Harrop. Ivy shoots out of the door before she can tell her to leave. Alan decides they should see Jack and get him to take Ivy back. Drinking with Ivy in the Rovers, George tries to get her to move in with him and bad-mouths Jack. Mr Perkins buys drinks in the Rovers to celebrate the team's first win in ten years. Jack agrees to take Ivy back but Billy warns the Howards how close she and George looked earlier. Rita tells Terry not to give Ken cheek before he leaves for school. Ivy leaves for work early to avoid the Howards. Elsie prevents another fight between Ivy and Edna. She tells Ivy to return to Jack and that he's said he wants her back but Ivy decides to take up George's offer. Ken lectures the class about littering. Terry resents him. Elsie can't ask Ivy to leave if she's not going back to Jack. Alan erupts when he finds out and starts packing Ivy's case. Ivy comes in and tells Elsie that she's returning to Jack, preferring him to George. Billy takes Annie out to mark Jack's birthday. Lorry driver Tommy O'Riley hears the regulars making jokes about Stan and warns them to be careful as his mate and Stan's brother-in-law, Archie Crabtree, is coming to stay with Hilda soon. A displeased Perkins sees pupil Mark Hillkirk writing "Barlamb fancies Terry Bate's Mam" (sic) on the blackboard.


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Elsie Howard: "Ivy Tilsley, you are 'ard-faced! You're as 'ard-faced as that table top!"

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