Len arranges to see Rita again. Archie is proud as the porch nears completion. Albert complains that the Corner Shop is closed with Maggie away. Councillor Warburton calls on Len and is annoyed when he won't back a housing plan to do up a building in a run-down area, Len preferring a series of old people’s bungalows. Lucille worries about a dental appointment. Len arrives at Harry Bates’s house to return a scarf that Rita left in his van. They flirt. Betty thinks that someone should tell Archie about the need for planning permission. Len tells Jerry and Ray to stay out of the house that evening as he’s entertaining a lady but to tidy up before they go. Ray delays going until Rita arrives so he can see who his woman is. Rita tells Len that her husband is away often working on building motorways. She obviously isn’t happy in her marriage. Len tells her how much he likes her but Alf interrupts them. He tells Len that Warburton is out for his guts. Rita is surprised to find that Len is a councillor. Billy suddenly realises that the shop and, more importantly its flat are empty. Archie completes the porch. Hilda is pleased and tries to show it off to the neighbours but Jerry and Ray tell her they'll need planning permission and they’ll probably be told to demolish it.


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