Rita tells Len that Harry Bates hit her before he threw her out and the cause of their row was jealousy over Len. She refuses to return to Harry. Len refuses to have her at No.9, citing the fact that three men live there already. Alf refuses to join the band as he can't play an instrument. Annie tells Billy that she's kept his old trumpet and he's left with no option but to join the band himself. Stan discharges himself from hospital. Hilda and the Rovers' regulars are delighted to see him. Elsie refuses to put up Rita, annoying Len. The band starts up - Ernie on piano, Billy and Ken on trumpet and Alan on guitar - but the only tune they all know is Yellow Bird. Maggie reluctantly takes Rita in, annoyed with Len for putting her in this position. Ena interrupts the band, annoyed by the noise they're making. Billy tells Annie about the brewery's offer - she calls him a "Judas" for colluding in her removal behind her back. Len calls on Maggie the next morning and tells her that Rita isn't married to Harry. Annie refuses to talk to Billy and she deliberately overrules his instructions to Hilda. Len suspects Rita walked out on Harry to force his hand with her. Ena refuses to allow the band to put a concert on, even for the old folks, saying they're not good enough. Len rings Harry's employer and finds out where he's working. Ray advises him to keep away from him. Annie goes to the brewery, saying that she's going to go higher than Sid Bolton. Len goes to see Harry at his roadworks site. Foreman Jack MacGuire tells him he's out on a job and Len tells him he'll wait for him.


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