Maggie advertises for an assistant at the Corner Shop with the flat available with it. Alan gets annoyed that Len hasn't done some work for him that he put his way several weeks ago and decides to do the work himself. Rita goes back to Harry Bates and Len thanks Maggie for putting her up. Stan puts on a suit to go down to the Labour Exchange, much to Hilda's delight. Ellen Page tries out for the job but she reminds Maggie of Betty too much with her bossy, correcting ways. Ray and Len argue over the way in which he's neglecting work at the yard. Alf finds out why the Mayor wants to see Len and tells him about Councillor Warburton witnessing the fight with Harry. He has also got a story from Bates about Len's friendship with Rita and an allegation has been made that Len tried to get Rita moved up on the housing waiting list. Len worries how Mayor Harold Chapman will react. Stan fails to get work and decides to try the yard again. Alf advises Maggie to take Ellen on. The Mayor has to cancel his appointment with Len and he is told to come back the next day. Stan begs Len and Ray for his old job back but they refuse. Norma Ford applies for the job but Maggie feels obliged to Mrs Page. Hilda tells Stan to start his window-cleaning round up again. Norma poses as Maggie's niece to let Mrs Page down gently and, much relieved, Maggie takes her on.


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