Hilda starts Stan up again with the money for a bucket and chamois leather but he still needs a ladder. Norma enjoys her first night in the flat and serves her first customer - Ena. She spins her fanciful stories about her parents and previous work. They amuse Maggie. Len sets off again for his meeting with Harold Chapman. Ray sells Stan his old ladder back for £4 spread over eight weeks. Chapman entertains Len to lunch in the mayoral Rolls parked up at the end of the street. Hilda asks Alf if Stan can get the job of doing the Community Centre's windows. He tells her it's Ena's decision. The residents realise they've all been given different stories from Norma about her background and Ena thinks Maggie has taken too much on. Chapman tells Len the number of seats available will be reduced under the local government reorganisation and he has to be careful. Chapman tells him that he likes him and wouldn't like to see him lose a seat to a tale-teller like Councillor Warburton. Hilda hands round business cards for Stan. Ena reluctantly agrees to let Stan do the centre. Stan asks Alan for transport and he gives him an old handcart from the Canal Garage in return for free cleaning for six months. Elsie winds up Hilda that the free cleaning is for other reasons. Hilda gets Stan twenty customers with the cards. Elsie tries to avoid Ned Fox, the insurance clubman, who will only persuade her to buy another policy. Ena reveals he is retiring with a profitable book of customers. Norma overhears Alf wondering what her real story is.


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