Ned Fox gives Elsie a cheque for £296. He advises her to take out insurance but she's already made plans for the money. Ray chats Sue Silcock up but she doesn't give anything away. Len and Jerry take the mickey. Ernie and Emily struggle to find anyone interested in helping out at the senior citizens' concert. They manage to rope in Ken. Maggie and Ritchie Levitt think Norma is being hard on her father, Jacko Ford. Ray fixes Sue's car so that it doesn't work. He then "repairs" it for her. He seems to have got lucky when Sue lets him accompany her in a spin round the block to make sure. Ena plays piano for the silent movie until the film breaks, but the Bishops and Ken enjoy it more than the old folks. Len and Jerry finish the job at Silcock's. Ray makes a date with Sue so the men pay up. Norma goes to prison to visit her father.


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Alf Roberts (about Ena Sharples): "When it comes to sticking the oar in, she's got Boat Race knocked into a cocked hat."

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