Harry and Len take Lucky Lolita for trials at the dog track. Concepta thinks Harry is treating her when she finds steak and port on the table and is horrified to discover they're for Lucky. Len organises a minibus to see Lucky race. Minnie and Martha want to go but Ena refuses on behalf of the three of them. Elsie is determined to have a holiday in Spain as she's never been abroad before. She shows Dennis a vase to which she's been adding £1 every week since Christmas. Harry spends the housekeeping on entering Lucky for her first race. He promises Concepta that they'll get more money back. Ken asks Jack about the drinking habits of his customers as part of a survey. Jack agrees to give him a detailed report on a handful of regulars. Lucky wins her first race. The residents start to put their money on her for the next one: Jack £1, Albert and Minnie 2/- and Frank 5/-. Dennis doesn't have any money to put on Lucky as he blew the last of his money from Lenny Phillips on a new suit. He tries to borrow £1 from Elsie but she refuses when she discovers it's for a bet. Minnie and Martha gang up on Ena over the dogs outing. Ena gives in to shut them up. Elsie goes out to the pictures with Dot Greenhalgh. Dennis hopes to find betting money by tomorrow but Len tells him the odds will be lower by then. In desperation, he digs into Elsie's holiday money.


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  • The dog playing Lucky Lolita can be heard barking from off-camera during a scene in the Rovers.
  • TV Times synopsis: Harry Hewitt embarks on a sporting career and the Rovers plans another outing for Harry's supporters. Dennis, unwilling to miss an opportunity, takes a dangerous chance with a little something which Elsie has put by for a rainy day.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 8,331,000 homes (1st place, and the programme's highest figure to date).
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