Alan tells Elsie to spend the money how she wants. She calls Len and Jerry in. The residents wonder what she's having done. Hilda thinks she's doing up her front room to keep up with the Ogdens. Ray entertains Sue at the Rovers to everyone's surprise as they consider her too posh for him. Sue likes Ray but asks him not to constantly shoot lines at her. Elsie has a pink bathroom suite installed to Alan's amazement. Norma tells Maggie that her father is in a miners' home in North Wales. Maggie is surprised he can afford it. Norma says he was well insured. After realising the work at No.11 is taking place upstairs, Hilda tells Stan to snoop while window cleaning. Stan refuses. Len thinks Ray is just a joke to Sue and pays up on the bet in front of her to give Ray an escape. He's astonished when Ray manages to play it smooth and Sue doesn't mind the bet.


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Hilda Ogden: “What's a bucket of hot water?”
Betty Turpin: “It's not as if you ever use any, is it? You've got to do a lot of cleaning to use that water.”


Norma Ford: “You've upset him, Mr Tatlock.”
Albert Tatlock: “Passes an hour or two.”

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