Norma throws Jacko out but Maggie reverses the order on the grounds that it's her house. Jacko promises Norma he'll mend his ways. Hilda gets on at Len as her bins haven't been emptied but he assumes they're being boycotted and chooses not to get involved. Sue starts feeling suffocated by Ray. She feels uncomfortable when he tells her that he's in love with her. Billy has decided on a foreign holiday and looks over travel brochures. Jacko gets Maggie to run around after him. Tommy asks Ray to work for him, starting at the bottom. Maggie feels Jacko ought to be given a chance to prove himself but stands by Norma and turns him away. Ray interrupts Sue's date with Giles Platting to tell her about Tommy's offer. She tells him that he's getting too serious and finishes their relationship. Hilda dumps the Ogdens' rubbish in the Builder's Yard in protest at Len's lack of action as councillor. Jacko agrees to leave Norma alone.


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Norma Ford (about Jacko Ford): "He's a thief and a jailbird, so how can he be a father? Father's don't keep going to prison. They stop at home and look after you."


Tommy Silcock (to Ray Langton): "You're my sort. Plenty of spunk and a bit sly with it."


Stan Ogden: "I don't know why they go on 'oliday, the beer's not so good for a start is it?"

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