Annie organises a Preston Guild trip from the Rovers in competition to the one that Albert is organising from the Community Centre. Rita turns up at the Rovers to see Len and tells him about Alec Gilroy's offer. Jacko tells Norma he's innocent of the break-in in Longsight and doesn't have an alibi as he was sleeping rough at the time. Rita auditions for Alec. Norma refuses to give Jacko a false alibi. Maggie believes he didn't do the jewellers. Annie is furious when Albert asks her to advertise the centre's trip to Preston. She tears up his poster in front of him. Alf and Emily are surprised when they hear about it and reveal that Albert is organising the trip off his own back without their involvement. They think Annie should cancel the Rovers' trip as not everybody drinks. Billy refuses to tell Annie for them. Norma thinks Jacko carried out the break-in as he knows the street the jewellers is on even though she didn't tell him of her suspicions. Rita cooks for the lads at No.9. Ray and Jerry don't like her. Alf and Emily sheepishly suggest Annie cancels the Rovers' outing but she won't hear of it. They return with Albert and are forced to come down against her. The police take Jacko in for questioning.


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