Alan asks Elsie not to be with him when he meets Laura but she refuses. She takes the day off work to be ready to meet her. Ken and Ray obtain an inner tube from Colin Harvey. Maggie tells Elsie not to be jealous of Laura. Elsie plans a full makeover before meeting her. Billy plans a test of Jacko to persuade Betty that he can be trusted. Ken collects signatures on the inner tube. Norma worries that Jacko is being treated as an untouchable. Billy plants £3 under the phone. Alan confesses his concerns about Laura meeting Elsie to Len. Jacko isn't tempted by the money. Len asks Elsie not to meet Laura for Alan's sake but Elsie's determined to meet her and see what she's like. Jacko realises what Billy's up to and is short with him. Both Elsie and Laura arrive at the garage before Alan and chat civilly to each other. Annie and Emily are appalled at Billy's trap. Laura and Elsie respect each other. Laura tells them she's getting married and wants to drop the loan but Elsie refuses to let her as she doesn't want to be a charity case. Alan isn't pleased. Maggie moves Jacko's stuff into Gordon's room as a surprise to make him more secure. Ken and Ray present the inner tube to Jerry for his birthday. Alan takes Laura to the station. Maggie points out to Elsie that Laura got her money from Alan in the first place and Elsie realises she has to change her mind. The men hold a party for Jerry in the Rovers back room. Jacko interrupts it to angrily resign from the Rovers over the trap and moves on, telling Norma and Maggie that Billy is to blame. Annie is distraught when Lucille spots a Peeping Tom on the Rovers' shed roof.


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