A shaken Elsie rushes into the Rovers and tells Alan, Ken and Billy that she thinks she's disturbed the Peeping Tom in her back yard. Hilda buys a pair of binoculars. Benny questions Rita about Len's treatment of her. Hilda keeps watch on the area from the upstairs windows. Ernie tells Elsie and Emily they ought to form a vigilante committee to patrol the area. He goes to the Rovers to get the menfolk to form one. Ken and Billy agree to join him. Rita tells Len that Benny is always asking questions about him as he's interested in her. Ernie, Emily, Ken, Alan and Elsie meet and discuss tactics. Ray and Jerry don't take the idea of Ernie's committee seriously but go along to see what they're saying. Albert decides to join in as well to give them the benefit of his military experience. Len joins Benny at his flat for a curry. Len tells him he has a lot to offer women. Albert bores the committee with his war talk. They agree to patrol in pairs. Ken counsels no rough stuff but Alan's face shows that his disagrees. Benny asks Len how serious he is about Rita. He tells him he isn't. Benny rings Rita and passes on what Len just said. She's hurt. The committee catches Stan down the backing and think he's the Peeping Tom.


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