Billy is waiting for the man caught in Bessie Street to be charged before he'll believe that Stan is innocent. Jerry tells Len that Rita isn't steady enough for him. Benny presents Rita with an expensive engagement ring. The Ogdens talk about moving as Stan loses some customers. After they receive anonymous hate mail, Hilda decides to fight her ground and decides a put a notice in the Gazette threatening legal action against slanderers. Jerry tells Benny that he was wrong and that Len has real feelings for Rita. The Ogdens read of the arrest of Edwin Ferguson - the real peeping Tom. Hilda storms round to the Rovers with the paper. Benny asks to see Len and tells him that he's not certain Rita wants to marry him and that she and Len are meant for each other. He wants Len to confess his feelings to Rita. A shame-faced Billy calls at No.13 and apologises but Stan and Hilda feel no better. Len tells Rita that Benny is backing out and leaving the field open for him. He confesses he needs her and Rita goes off with him, leaving a disappointed Benny behind.


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