Lucille spreads the word that Rita's engagement to Benny is over. Alf's wife is taken into hospital. Nellie Harvey tells Annie that the national president of the LVA, Ethne Willoughby, is to call on her. Annie insists that the regulars wear ties in the Rovers for when she is due to call. A travelling salesman offers to take Maggie to the Rovers but it's only to discuss business. Len insists that Rita give Benny his ring back. Maggie is depressed at being on her own. Ethne arrives at the Rovers with Nellie and gets on well with Annie. She shows an interest in the Preston Guild and Nellie promises to get her a ticket. The residents get the wrong idea and think that Len is marrying Rita. Norma puts an advert in the Gazette's personal column for Maggie without telling her.


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