Two days after Jason's disappearance, the police are operating from a mobile HQ set up in Victoria Street. Minnie looks after the Lomaxes, who are still catatonic. The police find a cream-coloured baby glove and ask Karen if it's Jason's. She's sure his are pale blue. Frogmen drag the Irwell. Ena breaks down. Lucille puts a woman, Margaret Beecham, onto the police when she says she has information about Jason. Margaret calmly explains to Det. Ins. Patterson how she buried Jason with stones at the back of her house. The police follow up her story but find nothing at the location. Patterson realises she's ill and finds out from her doctor that she has delusions. Emily and Betty look for Jason and find the pram on a croft.


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Ena Sharples: "I've always believed in God. It wasn't just that I was brought up to it... I wonder if He knows what He does to us at times."

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