Episode 1218
Production code P694/218
ITV transmission date 18th September 1972 (Monday)
Stories by Harry Driver
John Temple
Kay McManus
Writer Brian Finch
Designer Ed Buziak
Director Joe Boyer
Executive Producer H.V. Kershaw
Producer Eric Prytherch
Previous episode 13th September 1972
Next episode 20th September 1972


Maggie is alarmed to discover rag-and-bone-men Dirty Dick and Tommy have reopened the viaduct stables for Dolores, their donkey. Alf tells Maggie that Phyllis is a lot better and he's just off to visit her in hospital. Billy covers for Annie being ill in bed, saying she's had a bilious attack. She refuses her food. Billy tells Lucille he doesn't want anyone gloating over his mother. Maggie tells Dick and Tommy that Dolores can't be stabled so close to the Corner Shop and threatens to report them to the Town Hall. Dick and Tommy row over who is the legal owner of Dolores. Alf looks for Len. He breaks down and tells Jerry that Phyllis has died. Annie demands sleeping tablets. Billy rings Dr. Mitchell. Tommy and Dick refuse to drink with each other. Ken tells Maggie there's been a stable under the viaduct for many years so Tommy and Dick might not be breaking any laws. Maggie is shocked when Jerry tells her about Phyllis. Tommy and Dick both have papers proving they are the legal owner of Dolores. Elsie doesn't believe that Annie is ill. Dr. Mitchell can't find anything wrong with Annie but leaves some sleeping tablets for her. Phyllis's funeral is set for Friday at Birchdale Crematorium. Alf asks Jerry not to tell folk as he doesn't want a fuss. Ray tells Tommy and Dick to let Dolores decide who her owner is and tips off The Sun about the story.


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